BuzzTv XRS 4900 4K Media Streaming Box

$249.99 CAD


What's Inside the Box:

✅ BuzzTV XRS 4900 Android IPTV OTT Set-Top Box
✅ HDMI cable
✅ Power Supply 
✅ BuzzTV BT-200 Remote Controller
✅ 2X AAA Premium batteries (Energizer brand)
✅ Setup Guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Poorer Soul
Poorly Support Not Accept Return

This BuzsTrd box is not even capable to organize channels. Only available to add channel to favorite, unless you like only one limit favorite list that can be used as everybody in a household favorite.

Steve Markezinis
5+5 star

one of the best iptv boxes. You get what you pay and more.

Samy Jo
Service Unbelievable

Good customer service and couldn’t ask for anything better
Thanks for everything Buzzing is Buzz Tv Box!

Mark Glaubitz

This is my 2nd XRS 4900 Ultra. I got the XRS 4500 Ultra Max for Christmas, and thought "This is amazing" but, going to the XRS 4900 Ultra was that much, and more. Everything is faster, picture quality is amazing, and set up is super easy.
I have just about every high end IPTV box that was ever marketed, right from the Sony in 2008, MAGS, and Nividia Pro's, Every satellite box from 2000, and a 16 bay HDTV hand made Hyper Antenna, 48 stations at 140 miles out.
This XRS 4900 is the first source I go to, every night, and for sports, Golf, and F1, MotoGP.
I was so impressed, I bought a second one 2 weeks after receiving the first.
With the forum STBTalk, there is lots of support, and genuine after sales support, from the manufacture.
Guide is fast and accurate, but will depend on your server.
Thank you for releasing this. Some of my friends are jealous I have 1, they are going to be pissed when the find out I now have 2 units !!!

Keep up the good work Buzz TV, and the support.

Antoine Khoury
My 2 Issues with my device XRS-4900 still unresolved

I have 2 major problems with my device:
1- The light in the front of My device cannot turn red, it is always Blue or Off!
2- My device & Remote control gets frozen every time I try to turn on my device when it is turned off for more than 3 hours!

I have already contacted the Buzztv support and I have informed them about my 2 issues.
I have still been waiting for almost 2 weeks for my device to be repaired through an update that will be sent to my devise...

Very bad experience!!!